Have you been putting off a new fuse board?

Have you been putting off a new fuse board?

For any homeowners, Management & Letting agents and Property Developers getting a new fuse board is a very daunting job, daunting perhaps because it is the fear of the unknown.

In this article some of the most commonly asked questions to Mission Road Electrical are going to be put to bed and we will briefly outline the procedures from consultation to installation of a new fuse board.

So why should I have my Fuse board changed?

There are shed loads of benefits to a new fuse board from cosmetics, ease of use, functionality and fire protection.

Below we’ve listed the 3 most important benefits of a new fuse board that save property and lives.

Electric shock – Modern fuse boards are equipped with safety devices called RCD’s. The RDC’s job is to protect the installation from faults to earth. The most basic current regulation boards are called split load boards; this means that there are two RCDs providing protection for the whole property.

For example if you were to put a picture up above a light switch and you put a nail through a cable the RCD would trip the power, preventing any harm done. In another scenario it would be the same device that would keep tripping because you’re outside socket is damaged and filling with water. An RCD saves lives.

Overload – This is a simple electrical safety principle that is provided by a device called an MCB. These will be rated to different amperages; each circuit will be protected by its own, correctly sized circuit breaker.

Here at Mission Road Electrical we only install RCBO’s. An RCBO is a device that incorporates an RCD and an MCB into each circuit breaker. Therefore if there is a fault you will only loose power on one circuit not the entire property.

Fire protection Electrical faults are the most common cause of house fires in the UK with over 20,000 each year many of which were due to loose terminations that led to overheating in the fuse board. The major issue is that old fuse board models were not designed to contain the fire; so 1 loose connection could end up as a whole house fire. Consumer unit manufactures and the current electrical regulations BS7171 take fire safety very seriously. It is always at the forefront of our electrician’s minds when installing and undertaking all electrical work especially fuse board replacements. We prevent the likelihood of a fire by using;

  • – Fire sealant to cover any exposed entry holes (from the back)
  • – Fire resistant grommets for the cables to enter the consumer unit (from the sides)
  • – Check all connections with a toque screwdriver set to manufactures recommended tightness

How long will it take to complete?

Typically most board changes can be done within a day however there may need to be some minor updates to the Meter tails and to the Water/Gas bonding if they are not all of a sufficient size. If the consumer unit is to be relocated then this will take additional time.

How much damage will there be?

If the replacement of the fuse board is a straight swap there is no reason for there to be any damage. New consumer units are generally larger than old fuse boards therefore they will cover any existing damage when replacing the old smaller unit. If for any reason we have to move it then all of our electricians carry filler and can repair any damaged walls.

How much does it cost?

Contact us today for your very own expert at Mission Road Electrical to give you free consolations.


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