Installing a domestic electric vehicle charger

Installing a domestic electric vehicle charger

Having been told everything there was to know about her new electric car delivery our customer, Jessica, was still none the wiser as to what to do about an EV charger installation and got in touch with Mission Road Electrical.



Jessica wanted the charger to remain fairly discreet but accessible from the top of her driveway with a Mobile App so she could manage charging from her phone. The charger was to charge the vehicle overnight and eventually she wanted to get solar panels linked up to charge the vehicle.



After discussing options with Jessica we decided to go for a white MyEnergi Zappi 7kw charger. The Zappi comes with a great application for your phone and you can get it in either white or black casing to match where it is being mounted. For future use MyEnergi also have a Harvi unit which converts solar electricity into the electric charger – which was a huge bonus point for Jessica.

Having received her car, we got in touch with Jessica to ask how she was getting on. The charger looked great, did a full charge in under the time she had expected and was now looking to get the solar installation done.



“What incredible service and professionalism from Mission Road Electrical – they have literally broken the mould and set an entirely new standard for which all trades should aspire to. Everything was effortless from booking to installing to paying. It’s the most professional company I’ve yet to come across and cannot recommend their services enough. Thank you for everything!”


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